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About The Brass Key

Brass key history

Brass Key entered the toy market in 1985, creating plush bears with coordinating outfits for Nordstrom, and by virtue of their tremendous success, we were petitioned to provide plush bunnies with sweet ensembles for Costco.

The Brass Key Porcelain Doll collection debuted in 1993.  Brass Key dolls outsold the competition 10 to 1, accounting for 34% of Target's overall (doll) toy sales. The quality and affordability of the Brass Key dolls far surpassed other dolls in the aisle, and Brass Key received Target's Vendor of the Year Award!

Today Brass Key designs and creates vinyl baby dolls, fashion dolls, small dolls, décor and seasonal décor for the home and garden. In addition,  Brass Key has developed products for nationally-known companies such as: The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, United Media, Universal Studios, Classic Media, and Good Times.

We create exclusive dolls for some of the largest retailers in the world. Our capabilities encompass doll concept, design, sourcing, production, quality control and distribution--all under one roof! With Brass Key teams in the US and China, we deliver both creative design and cutting edge manufacturing.


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Award Winning Dolls & collectIbles


A doll is so much more than the sum of parts sewn, sculpted, ruffled & trimmed. A doll is a friend. An understanding confidant of a child's little hopes, disappointments and silliest secrets. A doll is someone who needs her--one to whom a child can give all the love and care she has seen modeled by her parents.  It fills an essential need for a young one learning how to love.

As far as we can remember there have been dolls in our lives. Our family's personal doll collection spans four generations. Creating beautiful dolls for generations to come has been a dream come true, especially as we watch our own children and grandchildren experience and enjoy Brass Key dolls.

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